Corrective Facials

Advanced Skin Diagnostic Consultation

A detailed skin analysis service with our qualified and experienced staffs to assess your skin characteristics and design a specific treatment plan best suited to your individual needs and concerns.

(Complimentary with any Bella’s Corrective Facials)

30 mins $25.00

Pick Me Up

This treatment includes a double cleanse, exfoliation and applying a suitable cream mask that will leave your skin nourished and revitalised.

30 mins $65.00

Anti-ageing with Collagen

This treatment utilises 100% collagen actives that are rapidly absorbed into the skin, stimulating cell renewal. Hydrate and lift the skin generating the immediate reduction of fine lines and wrinkles. Several treatments are recommended for optimal results.

60 mins   $150.00
Purifier (Acne Solution)

This treatment is designed to regulate sebum production, calm irritations & inhibit the spread of bacteria. It promotes a clearer complexion and reduce visible imperfections.

60 mins   $135.00

Combining pure natural algae with marine extracts, rich in minerals and vitamins, it stabilises oil secretions and purifies the skin. This treatment provides all the elements needed for healthy skin.

60 mins   $135.00

A combination mixture of soothing cool mint-based mask is applied to the skin for calming and relieving skin redness and irritation.

60 mins   $110.00

Intense Hydro-Lipid (For Dry skin)

A warm infusing mask is applied over the active protein extracts to deeply nourish and sooth dry and irritated skin. This nourishing treatment facial provides intensive comfort to dry skin with its lipid-boosting algomega complex and shea butter extract.

60 mins  $135.00 

Heart of the Ocean Treatments

Enriched with concentrates tailored to your skin type, along with the vital force and benefits of the Oceans to help restore perfect skin quality, delivering intense and lasting hydration. The skin is replenished from within and the complexion is radiant. Formulas, rich in remineralising powers, along with a tension relieving massage inspired by the rhythmic movements of the sea – a true THALGO signature treatment and massage.

  • Beauty Revealing Ritual – Dehydrated skin
  • Intense Nutrition Ritual – Dry skin
  • Marine Softness Ritual – Sensitive skin
  • Pure Freshness Ritual – Oily skin
60 mins  $135.00 

Collagen smooth treatment  (For dehydrated skin with fine lines)

This beautifying treatment of Collagen smoothes fine lines and intensely hydrates the skin. The skin is smooth, radiant and healthy looking. With instant results this is the perfect facial for any special occasion.

60 mins  $165.00 

Hylauronic filler treatment (For ageing skin requiring a smoothing effect on wrinkles)

A high performance facial, specifically targeting deep wrinkles and expression lines. This decadent two phase treatment mask smooths & reduces the most pronounced wrinkles.

60 mins  $165.00 

Silicium firming treatment (For ageing skin requiring a lifting & firming)

A warming mineral mask incorporates benefits of lifting and firming to the neck and jawline, along with a cooling mask on the upper face boosting the hydrating and plumping effects on the skin. This luxurious facial is the perfect duo for the ultimate anti ageing effect on the skin.

60 mins  $165.00 

Mer & Sens Face (Relaxation)

Remineralising and relaxing, this unique sensorial treatment is based on very hypnotic undulating movements. Incorporating the use of marine algae and essential oils this treatment includes application of a mask and massage with hot and cold stones.

60 mins  $165.00