COCOON RITUALS - The ultimate treatment for the body. A total relaxation!

Body wraps detoxify the body, remove excess fat and fluid from tissues. They restore minerals, reduce joint pain, tighten and tone the skin. It nourishes and softens the skin.

Start your journey with a thorough exfoliation to gently polish away dead skin cells and leave you glowing all over. A warm clay mask is then applied to the entire body and allowed to cocoon for 20 minutes in our warm Hydrotone capsule while your scalp is gently massaged. A combination of infra-red heat, steam and light therapy along with soft background music will drift you away.

The wrap is then washed away with vichy shower jets containing minerals and trace elements followed by a gentle application of body hydration moisturiser rich in shea butter and essential oils, leaving your body feeling super soft and silky from head to toe.

Re-mineralise Body Wrap
A combination of natural sea salts and warm marine mud eliminate dead skin cells and toxins whilst recharging the body with minerals and vitamins. It also assists blood circulation resulting in skin firming and toning.

60mins $155.00

Detox Algae Wrap

Relax and luxuriate in steady warmth Micronised Marine Algae rich in minerals, vitamins and enzymes, assisting in the reduction of fatty deposits, fluid retention and toxins by detoxifying the tissue.

60mins $155.00

Body Wraps

Thalgomince LC24 Contour Wrap

The perfect treatment to kick-start or maintain weight loss, or simply tighten and tone. Using new thalgomince LC24 technology, this treatment incorporates a specialised massage to break down fat deposits. The active ingredient ADIPO-RESET® assists the reprogramming of fat storing cells into refining mode, while targeting cellulite and infusing caffeine to maintain result. PLUS enjoy a relaxing scalp massage.

60mins $155.00

Frigi-Cellulite Wrap (Hypothermic Treatment)

This partial wrap is effective for treating cellulite, heavy hips and thighs. This treatment encourages the elimination of toxins and excess fluid, while toning the skin and improving skin’s elasticity. Due to its refreshing actives, it is ideal for relieving tired and heavy legs.

45mins $120.00

Body Essentials

Body “Descomask” Polish & Hydrator

This lavish exfoliating body polish gently eliminates all traces of dull skin cells and impurities. After a refreshing shower, an application of softening body lotion is applied, leaving the body fully quenched and silky smooth.

45mins $80.00

Back Purifier

Intense skin treatment including deep cleanse, exfoliation, back massage, extraction and finalised with a purifying marine algae mask to eliminate toxins and smooth skin.

60mins $135.00