Clinical Face Peels

Medium Depth Peels

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Medium Depth Peels are treatments that aim to improve the skin of the face or body by using a chemical solution, resulting in controlled destruction at a specific level of the skin. The result is usually a sloughing off of dead skin with regeneration of newer healthier tissue. 

Time Cost
Jessner  Peel
A peel that is layered until it frosts, it contains lactic acid, salicylic acid & resorcinol.  This peel is ideal for clients with oily, acne & cystic acne. 
30mins $250.00
TCA Peel – Light to Medium Strength Peel
Deeper peeling class of acids excellent for improving the look of acne, lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, acne scars, stretch marks, sun damage, lip lines, age spots and general scarring. Longer lasting results, more intensive.  
30mins $250.00

Preparation for medium peel

It is considered essential nowadays for patients to have a regime of skin preparation prior to undergoing any medium peel. The purpose of this is to reduce the likelihood of undesired sequelae such as post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation (PIH), to allow for a more effective rejuvenation and to identify any potential issues with products that may be used either during or after the peel. Typical regimes will include a low concentration alpha hydroxy acid cleanser or moisturiser, retinol/ isotretinoin and/or a skin-lightening agent. The use of a sunscreen is also included to aid the reduction of melanocyte excitability. Preparation of the skin is generally advised for a minimum of three weeks prior to peeling.


Immediately after a medium depth peel, the client’s skin can be swollen and can feel tight. Continuous application of Rescue Balm+ several times a day is recommended for five days and the peeling process may continue for ten days. After the epidermal peel layer has cleared, clients usually notice the new skin is brighter and more even. Pigmentation and blemishes should have reduced and fine lines and wrinkles should have effaced. 


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