Introductory Offers 

FEMALE                 MALE      
Treatments Regular Price Special Price Save   Treatments Regular Price Special Price Save
Underarms & Brazilian $129 $59 $70   Neck & Shoulders $152 $79 $73
Lower Legs $170 $99 $71   Chest $145 $99 $46

Back, Shoulders & Neck

(front or back)

$437 $199 $238

* Introductory Offers only valid for the first treatment. Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer.

At Bella Skin Health Clinic we only use the Candela Gentlelase medical grade lasers which offer the most efficient laser treatment available. Our lasers emit a single concentrated light beam which is absorbed and transmitted by the pigment in the hair. This light energy is then converted into thermal energy and this effectively 'disables' the hair's ability to grow. Our lasers feature a Dynamic Cooling Device that acts on the skin to counteract the heating effect of the laser for your comfort.

All treatments are performed by our Laser Therapists who are qualified and trained Laser Safety Technicians.

These lasers have proven to be medically safe and effective.