Thalgomen Ocean
The combination of ingredients in our specialty men’s line of products provides deep pores cleansing and toning as well as a cooling Algue Bleue Vitale Mask to revitalise and rejuvenate skin.
75mins $115.00
Men’s Grooming Pedicure
You’ll start with a warm hydro-spa footbath. Then we’ll de-rough and remove calluses, clean, buff and shape-up toe nails. Next a foot and leg massage with moisturising crème to penetrate dry skin. The finish look is your choice – either a matte top coat or a natural nail crème and buffing.
60mins $90.00
Men’s Grooming Manicure
More men today are realising the value of good nail care. No matter how you use your hands, rough outdoor labor or paper pushing, enjoy the benefits of a manicure.
60mins $80.00

Male Hair Removal
Our professional staffs will make you feel completely comfortable in our clean environment. We only use the highest quality products available and we always use non-recycled wax & sterilised equipment.

Men's Waxing - Face    
Eyebrow 15mins $20.00
Ears 15mins $15.00
Nostrils 15mins $15.00
Facial Cheeks 15mins $15.00
Neck 15mins $20.00
Men's Waxing-Body    
Underarm 15mins $15.00
Full Arm 30mins $50.00
Half Arm 20mins $30.00
Hands or Feet 05mins $10.00
Full Leg 45mins $60.00
Shoulders 15mins $20.00
Chest 20mins $30.00
Stomach 15mins $20.00
Back 20mins $35.00
Full Back & Shoulders 30mins $50.00
Speedo Line 15mins $35.00

Full Body Wax- price on application