Relaxing treatments with hot & cold stones.

Mers & Sens Face

Remineralising and relaxing. This unique sensorial treatment is based on hypnotic undulating movements. Incorporating the use of marine algae and essential oils. Treatment includes application of a mask and massage with hot and cold stones. Melting tensions away whilst the face is radiant and 100% relaxed.

60mins $115.00

Mer & Sens Body (Stone Massage)

This treatment positions the warm and cool stones over the body to deeply relax tissues, allowing for deeper penetrating massage to treat muscular aches and pains. The pressure, motion, friction and heat effects used during this massage encourage tissue cleansing and helps improve both tissue consistency and metabolism.

60mins $135.00

Mer & Sens Exfoliation 

Ultilised in Mer & Sens body, this 100% natural, exfoliating powder consists of three forms of algae with complimentary characteristics. Algae’s regulate cellular metabolism, detoxify and remineralise the skin to optimise relaxation of hot stone massage.

60mins $140.00

Not suggested for clients with high blood pressure or health conditions that may prohibit heat treatments.