Male Hair Removal

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Our professional staffs will make you feel completely comfortable in our clean environment. We only use the highest quality products available and we always use non-recycled wax and sterilised equipment.

Time Cost
Men's Waxing - FACE
Eyebrow 15mins $22.00
Ears 10mins $18.00
Nostril 10mins $18.00
Facial Cheeks 15mins $22.00
Neck (front or back) 15mins $22.00
Men's Waxing - BODY
Underarm 15mins $22.00
Full Arm 40mins $55.00
3/4 Arm 30mins $40.00
Hands/feet 10mins $15.00
Full Leg 45mins $70.00
Shoulders 15mins $25.00
Chest 20mins $38.00
Stomach 15mins $28.00
Full Back 20mins $40.00
Full Back + Shoulders 30mins $58.00
Speedo Line 20mins $38.00
Full Body Wax - price on application

Please ask us about our waxing prices for other areas which are not listed.




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