Inner-peace Massage (Swedish or Aromatherapy)
Enjoy the long, gliding strokes of a rhythmic massage as both the mind and body are balanced. Your therapist will customise this treatment with various massage therapies to suit your individual needs. (You may choose aromatherapy or non-scented oils).
De-stress Express 30mins $65.00
Intense De-stress 60mins $95.00
Deep Tissue Massage
Full-body massage features area-specific deep tissue techniques. Alleviates muscle tension and restore flexibility. Combined with special blended oils this massage can be tailor made to suit your needs.
60mins $100.00
Couples Massage
Sharing the ultimate bonding experience in the same room, as you both indulge with your choice of either Swedish or Aromatherapy massage.
60mins $190.00

Prenatal Massage

Helps to relieve the stress and tension placed on a woman’s body from the changes occurring during pregnancy. Suitable for clients after first trimester.

60mins $110.00

Enlightment Scalp Massage

Massage which targets the stress bearing areas of upper shoulder, neck and scalp. Relieving headaches and migraine.
30 mins $65.00
Foot Reflexology
This reflex massage targets the thousands of nerve endings found in the souls of your feet. Unblock nerve impulses, promote relaxation, improve circulation and balance the organs, glands and regions of the body.
30mins $75.00