If there was an almost painless, non-surgical treatment to do away with sagging, dull skin, that takes as much time as a pedicure, would you try it? Absolutely, Yes.


The answer to many women’s woes is the non-invasive alternative offered by the evolutionary RF skin tightening treatment now available at your favourite skincare clinic in Melbourne. Whether it be tightening and toning loose skin after dramatic weight loss or firming ageing skin - RF Skin Tightening offers significant results for virtually any part of the face and body.


Radio Frequency (RF) waves have been tested and proved to stimulate the production of collagen fibres in the deep layers of your skin - the dermis. The heat generated by the RF energy waves is at an appropriate temperature to stimulate collagen, responsible for giving skin its firmness and framework.


 No wonder, RF skin tightening treatment for face is much sought after to get rid of crow’s feet and other facial wrinkles without the hassle of surgery or other invasive cosmetic treatment. The benefits of this treatment are aplenty, reasons why RF skin tightening treatment is so popular and most sought after in Melbourne.


 At Bella Skin Health Clinic, we offer a thorough consultation (paid but redeemable upon first treatment), to assess your skin’s suitability for such a treatment. We offer you advice on the possible areas where the RF skin tightening could be highly significant (with the right amount of sittings). 


Benefits of RF skin tightening

Tightening of skin:The primary benefit has to be the skin tightening to get rid of wrinkles, sagging or dull skin. The heat applied is so gentle and painless, and within a short time, that you can get on about your day. Post RF skin tightening for your face, you’ll feel a tangible increase in volume around your bone structure - cheeks and jaw, offering immediate gratification.

Helps to fight sun damage -the ultraviolet (UV) rays of the sun, have been proved to break down the collagen in your face, resulting in skin damages. It is found through a study that a couple of months of RF skin tightening treatment can stimulate collagen production and help reverse the damage caused by the sun.

Improving your face contour- as the age increases added with the effects of the sun, lower collagen production all lead to saggy and lax skin, which in turn makes your face lose the contour over cheekbones and jawline. With RF skin tightening treatment for face, together with pulsed electromagnetic therapy for at least eight weeks, can do amazing wonders to the contours of your skin with enhanced collagen production. 


    Enjoy these benefits of RF skin tightening treatment for your face and body in spa-like ambience with the precision and acumen of a respected and reputed skin health clinic - Bella Skin Health Clinic. We are amongst the first to bring you the latest and advanced skincare treatment in a comfortable and luxurious ambience. We are located centrally at Highpoint Shopping Centre, Maribyrnong, Melbourne.


    Treatments are comfortable, non-invasive and do not require any downtime. RF Skin Tightening offers a convenient, pain-free solution for enhancing your physique, without the hassle, discomfort, downtime and costs associated with surgery.


    When you visit Bella Skin Health Clinic for treatment, our aestheticians and physicians will give you thorough consultation during which your medical history, skincare goals, skin type are duly noted. The best course of skin treatment is advised. Our vision is providing clinical and result-driven treatments in a luxurious ambience of a day spa.


    Feel exhilarated, rejuvenated and revitalised again at Bella Skin Health Clinic! 


    Visit us today at the highpoint shopping centre! You can also book the RF skin tightening treatments for face and body online at https://bellamedispa.com.au/products/copy-of-ultrasound-cavitation-body-contouring or call us on (03) 9318 3928.