Brows + Lashes

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The prefect eyebrow shape enhances your eyes and considers your individual bone structure. All clients experiencing brow services for the first time at Bella Skin Health Clinic must begin with a brow design (please note this also applies to clients who have not had brows maintenance here in the last six weeks). For ideal maintenance, please return every three weeks.

Time Cost
Brow Design 20mins $22.00
Brow Maintenance (every 3 - 4 weeks) 15mins $18.00
Brow Tweeze 15mins $18.00
Brow Tint 15mins $18.00
Brow Bleach 15mins $18.00
Upper Lip Wax 10mins $15.00
Upper Lip + Brow Maintenance 20mins $30.00
Lip Lightening 10mins $15.00
Eyelash Tint 15mins $22.00
Eyelash + Brow Tint 30mins $35.00
Eyelash Lift 40mins $109.00
Eyelash Lift  + Tint 60mins $115.00


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