Fat Loss Cavitation + RF Skin Tightening

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Fat cavitation | cellulite reduction | RF skin tightening

Sculpt your figure for a tightened and toned silhouette.

Ultrasound Cavitation is an advanced scientific method of reducing fat and cellulite to contour problem areas, without the need for invasive procedures and surgery. Offering effective results on virtually any area of the body. Ultrasound Cavitation is extremely popular for targeting stubborn pockets of fat and cellulite that refuse to budge, even despite a healthy diet and exercise.

Treatments are a comfortable, non-invasive and convenient lifestyle solution for enhancing your physique and body image confidence without the hassle, pain, downtime and costs associated with surgery.

Fat Cavitation and RF Skin Tightening work excellent as hand in hand treatments to reduce fat and tighten loosened skin as a result of fat loss.

 Treatment Area Time Fat Cav/RF Skin Tightening Time Add on with RF Skin Tightening

Consultation (redeemable upon cost of first treatment).

30mins $50.00
Abdomen Contouring (Stomach Area) 60mins $90.00 90mins $179.00
Back of Thighs 45mins $90.00 75mins $120.00
Front & Inner Thighs 60mins $149.00 90mins $179.00
Outer & Back of Thighs 60mins $149.00 90mins $179.00
Brazilian Butt Lift 60mins $149.00 90mins $179.00
Half Back Contouring 30mins $90.00 60mins $120.00
Hips 60mins $149.00 90mins $179.00
Knees (Inner & Upper) 30mins $49.00 60mins $79.00
Upper Arm Contouring 60mins $149.00 90mins $179.00
Upper Body Shaper (Upper Back, Inner/Outer Arms) 60mins $179.00 120mins $229.00
Thigh Contouring (Inner, Front & Back) 60mins $179.00 120mins $229.00
Waist Shaper (Abdomen & Hips) 60mins $169.00 90mins $199.00


To achieve maximum results, a course of 6-10 treatments will be prescribed with one week apart.


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