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It is a non-invasive skin resurfacing procedure using micro crystals accelerated gently onto the skin's surface to remove layers of dead and damaged skin cells. Stimulates blood flow to the skin, improving skin texture and tone. An effective solution to refresh tired and dull looking skin instantly!

Time Cost
Express Micro
(Cleanse skin with enzyme, Microdermabrasion, Soothing cream mask, Protection with SPF).
30mins $89.00
Micro + Enzyme Peel 60mins $125.00
Micro + Pomegranate Peel 60mins $165.00
Neck - Micro + Enzyme Peel 45mins $89.00
Decolletage - Micro + Enzyme Peel 60mins $125.00
Patches prices confirmation on application P.O.A
Add-ons for 1hr Microdermabrasion only.
Collagen Avian Mask $60.00
Collagen Elastin Mask/Hydrating Peptide Mask/ Vitamin C Brightening Mask $49.00
Oxygen Rejuvenation Infusion  $40.00
LED Light Therapy $40.00
Extraction & High Frequency - professional removal of blackheads, whiteheads and congestion. $15.00


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