Paramedical Treatments


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Electrolysis is the only medically and scientifically proven means to remove hair permanently. Unlike laser or IPL, Electrolysis can permanently remove white, red and blonde hair. A single-use, sterile, disposable needle is provided for every treatment. Electrolysis treatments can take anywhere from 6 months to 5 years depending on how strong the hair is, whether the client is still producing NEW hairs due to an ongoing medical condition, how much hair there is and how regularly the client visit our clinic.

Time Cost
Up to 05 minutes 05mins $30.00
Up to 15 minutes 15mins $45.00
Up to 30 minutes 30mins $81.00
Up to 45 minutes 45mins $112.00
45 minutes or more ($2.30 per minute) $2.30
Add Ons
LED Light Therapy $35.00
High Frequency $15.00


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